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Dawson Reigns first arrived in the UK during the lull period for country music. Pre-Shires and post-Shania, he received a warm response for his debut album Enjoy The Ride then disappeared for half a decade. He reappeared last year with the anthem Love Was All You and pleased fans with a series of shows. Returning for 2017, he will be playing a mini tour with Gary Quinn and The Rising alongside releasing his new single, The Night Ain’t Even Over Yet.

Hi there Dawson, how is it all going?

Things are going great! Got my new single out, new video for it coming soon and of course my big tour this month with The Rising & Gary Quinn!

Have you started the countdown to the UK tour yet?

Definitely! It was such a great time back in October for my first UK tour, I couldn’t wait to get started on plans to get back for this next tour.

How are rehearsals going?

Going well on both sides of the pond. I’m obviously over here in Nashville working on my stuff and I’ve got a great band that’s been put together in the UK that’s going to be playing for me on this tour.

What can we expect from your set?

Big sound, a lot of energy, a lot of fun and yes there will be some drinkin’ going on! This is what I love most about what I do. Getting to travel to different cities, go on stage with the band playing my songs live and having a party with the fans! There really isn’t anything like it and I can’t wait to get the tour started!

It is great to see three very different country artists join together for a tour. What drew you to The Rising and Gary Quinn?

Well I was lucky enough to meet Gary during my October tour, he came out to support me for my show Gullivers in Manchester. Was great to chat with him, get to know him and hear his music. He was good enough to come on tour this time for all the shows. As for The Rising, my manager and I had been in talks with Chris from The Rising again when I was on tour back in October. We were trying to add some Ireland dates but timing just wasn’t working out. So when my team started putting this tour together we had The Rising in mind right away. It’s definitely an international country lineup for this tour that I think our fans will enjoy a lot.

Will it be three bands touring, or can we expect inter-artist collaboration?

The three of us will be together the whole tour. Looking forward to some fun times on the road and at our shows. As of now it will be three separate sets for us all but who knows how things develop over 8 shows. We may end up doing some ‘interartist collaboration’ as you say, which would be fun.

All three of you are labelled country, but your sounds could not be more different. How do you see the current status of country music?

I feel that country music has evolved to where it is definitely no longer a one style only for the genre. You have so many influences coming through songs from so many different artists. You start with the word country first of course but then you can add rock, pop, hip hop, blues etc. It’s great to see artists doing what they feel is right for them and also the fans enjoying what they like as well. Listen not everyone is going to like every artist but from what I can see having more stylistic choices to a genre is working just fine. The UK scene is very different to the one in the US.

What did you learn about British country when you visit the UK?

The scene was definitely more different when I first came to the UK back in 2010 but its starting to look and feel pretty darn similar to the US now. There are many talented singer/songwriters in the UK that if I didn’t come over I’d probably not know about which would have been pretty sad. Getting to see, hear and meet a lot of the UK country artists has been great. Looking forward to working with some both on the touring side and the writing side of things going forward. You seem to be very focused on the UK audience, given that this is your second visit within 6 months.

What draws you back?

The fans! They have been great to me since the beginning and are only getting better. I definitely feel welcomed and wanted so it’s not hard to want to keep coming back to the UK. The second big reason is the support from country radio in the UK. My music is played and talked about all the time which allows my fans to hear me more and as an artist that’s we need to make it all work. Can’t say thanks to the fans and UK radio enough for all the support they’ve shown me.

How are our audiences different to the ones back home?

I think that country fans from all over the world are very similar in the sense that they absolutely love the music and are very interested in the artists. The one thing Again I can say this about UK country fans, they’ve made me feel welcomed and wanted immediately. It was great to see most fans that were at the shows grabbing both my debut CD and new EP. Tells me that they liked what they heard and saw and wanted more right away. It’s a great feeling for an artist but especially starting out in a new country where you aren’t sure what will happen til you get out on the road and put on the show. Love my UK fans!

Your current single is The Night Ain’t Even Over Yet. Tell us about it… It is lifted from your eponymous EP, for those who haven’t heard it yet, what can they expect?

Yes The Night Ain’t Even Over Yet if off my new EP and is a song that I wrote with one of the co-writers on Love Was All You. It’s another high tempo, good feel, relationship story that we’re just as excited to release as we were with the first single. Definitely a good song coming outta the winter months into the spring and summer to get everyone feeling good!

You have been compared to Canaan Smith and Seth Ennis, would you say this is a fair comparison?

I’m definitely fine with being compared to both these talented guys! Not just because my first single Love Was All You was co-written by Canaan either. lol They are both great writers and performers with very current sounds and doing great in the industry. So yeah not bad company to be talked about with at all.

Lastly, if you could work with on UK country artist, who would it be and why?

Well on the writing side of things I’ve already had discussions with Holloway Road, Gary Quinn and Luke Thomas of Luke & Mel, about sitting down and writing some music together. As for performing with, I’ve been wanting to do a duet song for some time and I have my wish list in the US and definitely have some now for the UK as well. Una Healy, Liv Austen, Lisa McHugh are a few super talented UK female artists that I’d love to work with and sing a duet with in the future.

Tour dates at www.dawsonreigns.com

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