Seth Rogen Tried Out Tinder And He Was Actually Pretty Good At It

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Seth Rogen has no need for dating apps – he’s been happily married to writer/actress Laura Miller since 2011 – but if he were single, he’d probably be a boss at Tinder. While promoting his already infamous new movie Sausage Party, which he drily describes as “very romantic”, Rogen took over one brave Vanity Fair staffer’s account, and got the hang of it pretty quickly. He swipes right for a guy with a cool profile pic, swipes left for one who looks like a “douche”, and points out another’s rookie error: “Don’t put yourself with your more handsome friend in your main picture.” He also gives the Vanity Fair staffer some advice which we have a feeling Calvin Harris might disagree with: “You don’t wanna date a DJ.” Oh, and he copes pretty well when the staffer’s mum happens to ring her phone during the Tinder takeover, which could have been pretty awkward.

Rogen isn’t the first celebrity to take over a Vanity Fair editor’s Tinder – Amy Schumer, Broad City‘s Hannibal Buress and comedian Eric Andre have also had a crack. Could we take the opportunity to request Ricky Gervais, Kanye West and Leslie Jones next please? And Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart together?

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