Tomorrow Is A Level Results Day And Things Are Going To Change Forever

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If you’ve just left school, chances are you’re picking up your A Level results tomorrow morning (August 17). To say it’s a night of mixed emotions is an understatement. Right now, your whole life probably feels like it’s hanging in the balance and you’re imagining all sorts of nightmare scenarios from having to redo the year, to being stuck in your childhood home, working a dead end job for the rest of your life. Then there’s the excitement – with that envelope-opening tomorrow comes a whole new world of freedom. You can reinvent yourself, move somewhere new, meet new people and take one step closer to being who you want to be. Remember, if it doesn’t work out how you wanted it isn’t the end of the world.

It’s your last day with nothing to do. Tomorrow that changes forever


Sure, you don’t have to move off to uni or start work immediately, but there’s so much to prepare for. Whether that’s pre-move shopping or applying for every job you can find, your days are gonna be pretty packed.

You haven’t disappointed your parents yet


Give them a hug knowing that could have all changed by this time tomorrow.

You’re feeling sad about all your friends going their separate ways


It’s not like you’ll never see them again, though. There’s always holidays and all of you going to different cities to study is just a good excuse for spending your weekends visiting each other.

But you’re excited to get going on the next chapter of your life


Yes, you’ve got to leave some things and people behind, but there’s so much ahead of you to explore and achieve. Your future is very much unwritten right now and what’s more exciting than that?

You’re panickedly researching clearing in case you bombed your exams


You’re convinced that last exam was a disaster and none of your first choice schools will want you now. Repeat after me: everything will be OK.

Or idly daydreaming about all the people you’ll meet and things you can do in halls


Uni is half about the course and half about the people you meet. You’ll make friends for life and, even if you don’t get on with everyone, you’ll definitely leave with some stories to tell. Plus: NO PARENTS.

You’re reflecting on your school years and realising they weren’t so bad


There’s nothing like the end of an era to make everyone misty-eyed. So what if you spent five years engaging in a mental fight to the death with your class nemesis? All that’s behind you now and you’re really gonna miss them.

You’re planning how to celebrate or drown your sorrows once you’ve opened that envelope


The only thing you should need to plan here is which pub to start at.

Most of all you’re hoping and praying that you’ve got the results you need to get into the uni of your choice or get a good job


Good luck!

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